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Todd Gurley Los Angeles Rams JerseyWhat kind of Settings does Jason have in the various cohorts and certain AU's?Summary to, not text, occupy tag hereby apologize...Note the brevity, but not the tact.(it is possible that some of the bow apology is the home Settings, and I have to contact with the humanities also mentioned, or because I do not know much, do not seriously draw into the side of the private, these please be sure to ignore good w (1) can cook, and do very well.In some AU's, Jason's ordinary identity would be chef, sweetmaker, bar master, etc.Chef Todd.Ah fu only rest assured let into the kitchen bird.I really want to eat his cooking.And then there are Settings that are also good at cleaning up, right?And growing flowers.(2) love reading, can write a diary, literary youth.In the essays of AU students, they are often defined as liberal arts students, assistant professors of literature, senior readers of literature, etc. (although they are often not believed or regarded as liberal arts students.Jason Todd, the literary boy, can recite sonnets for you.(3) in a sense, can also become a cleaning woman to talk Lao.Although Jason himself is the one who always says "shut up", he can also become quite talkative when leaving notes, presumably because he wants to be a good brother.Jason, who really sees others as his own, can actually quietly show that he CARES.Is not genetic eldest brother also perhaps?(4) it is obviously a long distance, but has a close combat heart.Although the main weapon is a gun, he often USES himself as a melee fighter.When threatening others, they will make close contact with each other and close to each other, which makes people feel oppressed. However, when ABO is set as O, they are often mocked for not paying attention to physical contact and so on.CP is going to be upset about that too.-- FIN -- I summarize only such a lost lost, often mixed between all kinds of text you bucket kitchen, there is no other want to say -- welcome to exchange.Thanks for watching.(it's really short, isn't it? I'm wondering whether to send it or not.)

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