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Youth Jersey Size Chart Mlb - Kasa ImmoAs one of the major events of the 2019 zhejiang international youth week, the world filmmakers summit forum of the 2019 zhejiang international youth film week was held in west lake resort, hangzhou, east China's zhejiang province, Nov. 16, 2019.The forum featured Michael costigan, producer of brokeback mountain, which won three oscars.Arthur sarginsian, producer of the "rush hour" series;Huang jianxin and other world-renowned directors, scriptwriters and producers attended the golden rooster award and huachuang award for best director to have in-depth communication and discussion on "go out and please come in" of "zhejiang story international".In "writing and producing" for the film, "brokeback mountain" producer Michael costigan Shared the behind-the-scenes story behind the film.When it comes to hard to avoid in the process of film culture differences, he thinks, the producer must as a parent, to help people communicate with each other, probably did not know before, but ultimately must find a way to heal divisions, want to consider the effect of final rendering, want to rely on the enthusiasm for the film industry has to make good movies;"Fall of London" director, iranian-swedish famous director babak nagafi, said that making a film is to create a story, regardless of the background of the audience, what kind of people, countries or cultures, as a director, you need to connect people through the story of the film.Huang jianxin, a famous Chinese director, screenwriter and producer and best director of the golden rooster awards, made a speech under the theme of "international storytelling of Chinese stories -- promoting high-quality development of films through exchanges and mutual learning".He believes that China's film industry has made great progress after cooperating with the rest of the world.Eastern and western different performance methods, will achieve the effect of one plus one greater than two.As the Chinese film market is vast and the box office is constantly rising, the development of Chinese films is getting better and better. Arian frazier, President of Highland distribution company, one of the five major distribution companies in the United States, said in his speech that he hopes to make a good co-production by effective communication and combining the stories that Chinese audiences like.Arthur sarginsian, producer of the "rush hour" series, says working together can create better films.Li qinghui, general manager of changying group co., LTD., also believes that making films now cannot be like the planned economy in the past.When it comes to nurturing young directors, Morgan freeman has been heavily involved with rob Paris, the producer of "the trick", giving young filmmakers plenty of advice.'think about production from a flexible perspective,' he says. 'protect the producers and writers and make sure their ideas come true.'Huang jianxin also said that the film and television industry has great potential, and there are many projects to cultivate young directors, calling on young filmmakers to have confidence in the future.Article/Beijing youth daily reporter xiao Yang editor/qiao ying

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